Server Rules

Anyone playing on our servers should be aware of our rules. By entering the server you are agreeing to follow our rules. If you break the rules you will be warned and then kicked or permanently banned.

The server is paid for by our members and as such, in the case of a full server, we will kick to make room for a member. However, we do have some reserved slots for members so this rarely occurs.


  • No swearing, sexist, racist, or offensive comments are allowed. That includes names, tags, or logos.

  • No intentional Team Killing. Friendly Fire is on.

  • No Spawn Camping or throwing grenades into the respawn.

  • No Trash Talking or Trolling.

  • Always Autojoin, meaning, don’t join a team because your friend is on it or because it’s winning.

  • Don’t change teams to balance things out. The 30+ Admins will manage the server. We quite often will force players to the other team at the half way point of the map in order to balance the teams. This usually makes for an exciting finish.