Clan 30+ Charter

Article I Mission Statement

This gaming organization, called Clan 30+, exists for the purpose of entertainment and friendship. We are a group of friends who share a common vision regarding playing for fun and honor on the field of battle. Integrity, Humility and Empathy are our core values. We strive to present a mature attitude towards playing and are playing for the pure enjoyment of playing (as opposed to the mindset that we must win). However, along the way, if we should earn a league title, we will be happy to let everyone know that the “Old folks have kicked some butts!” 

Article II Team Leaders

SECTION A – A Team Leader is elected by the Members of the Team. If no one person receives a majority of the votes cast, a runoff will be held between the top two vote getters. If the runoff results in a tie, there shall yet be another vote until there is a conclusive winner.

SECTION B – The Team Leader is responsible for all functions of his/her Team including, but not limited to, the following,

Article III Clan 30+ Membership Standards

SECTION A – A person MUST meet the following minimum membership standards:

SECTION B – 30+ Members may play in multiple teams or clans as long as the following conditions are met.

Clan 30+ in no way endorses the use of ‘ringers’ or any unsportsmanship conduct. 

Article IV Clan 30+ Membership Code of Conduct

SECTION A – A Member or Recruit must conduct themselves, whether in forums, in email messages, or on servers within the following Code of Conduct:

Discord Specific Conduct & Rules

For members AND non-members

SECTION B –Being a member of Discord is a privilege and not a right. If you abuse it, you will lose the privilege. They are here for all to enjoy. Respect all others regardless of their likes, dislikes, race, creed, or religious beliefs. Everyone has the right to maintain the atmosphere that is fun for everyone without vulgar, or abrasive language.

The mention or posting of political, religious, sexually discriminatory, or racially sensitive material is not allowed. This includes avatars, signatures, and pictures. This is a gaming clan, and only gaming and/or computer related topics, avatars, signatures, or pictures are allowed.

Your help is greatly appreciated.

We are all adults and can understand any type of punishment you will receive for said violation. Be nice or pay the price.

Before you post, … Think.

SECTION C – Violations: The Discord Admins reserves the right to delete posts that are in violation of the charter or violate common decency without warning.

If you are found in violation of the Discord rules:

Most importantly, this is a family values clan and people of all ages come here, so please act accordingly.

Article V Clan 30+ Server Rules

If a server is to bear the 30+ name, the server must conform to the following rules:

Article VI Modification of the Charter

A 30+ Member may propose changes to this Charter as needed and upon approval of 3/4 of the Team Members, the change is approved, and the Charter is updated.