“Welcome to Clan 30+!”

The 30+ clan is much larger than what you see here. We are a part of a larger organization of teams playing different games. Each team has its own Captain. The Captain chooses several officers to help run the team. Treasurer, Server Admin, Webmaster, that sort of thing. All team members are bound to follow the 30+ Charter. This is a set of guidelines to adhere to while being a member of 30+. You can find the link to the Charter and the main 30+ website in the above menu.


URT 4.3


Download full version from here



We have added a 4.3 server called |30+| URT 4.3 Come Get Some



Take Note:

New IP is port 27961

TeamSpeak3 address

We have a new server based out of Seattle as our Chicago server location has been having problems. 

Welcome and enjoy.  If you are pleased we can always use a donation as this shtuff costs time and bucks.